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Men's Haircutting service includes:


• Haircut • Shampoo • Conditioning Treatment

• Invigorating Scalp Massage • Styling



Haircutting Services:

Men's Cut                     $60

Buzz Cut                        $40

Hairline Trim            $25

 Beard Trim                   $25 


Color Services:

Gray Blending:     $55

Single Process:     $70+

Highlighting:         $85+

Creative Colour:  $70+

Corrective Colour: $Hourly

(Consult required)

Facial Waxing:​

Cheeks:           $20

Chin:                    $10

Eyebrows:    $40

Ears or Nose: $20

Forehead:      $15

Neck:                 $25

Full Face:       $60

Upper Body Waxing:

Back & Shoulders:     $65

Underarms:                    $35

Hands:                                  $15

Half Arms:                       $35

Full Arms: (incl. hands:  $45

Chest & Stomach:       $65

Lower Body Waxing:

Half Legs:                    $45

Full Legs:                     $70

Toes & Feet:                 $25

Speedo Line:                 $35

Cheeks and in between: $70

Brazilian:                       $75

Body Trimming:
Body Exfoliation:

For those with lots of hair and a high affinity to skin irritation, the body trimming service for men may be the best solution for you. In this service, I will take a sterilized trimmer to reduce the hair on your whole body, or just parts of it. You decide. Think of it as a buzz cut with just a little bit of hair growth left. If you need male grooming then book your appointment for manscaping services today.

Starts at $25

My sweet bodyscrub

service allows you to indulge your body in my total organic sugar scrub. Let go and relax while I exfoliate your body with sugar and essential oils leaving your skin soft, silky and glowing. This service is 60min.


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